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M950 Logicool/Logitech Performance Mouse Review

Looking for a Mac mouse replacement with refinement and multiple programmable buttons – look no further. The M950 by Logitech is the “Mac” Daddy seven button dream machine – ten if you count the scroll wheel’s left and right programmable buttons and the wheel locking button.

The industrial design that went into this is top of the line. The rubberized sidewalls feel grippy and the ergonomics fit the hand better than any mouse I’ve ever used. I was skeptical about the responsiveness of a wireless mouse, but it has worked flawlessly so far. The detachable micro USB cord allows you to work while the mouse charges. I get about 20 days to the charge so far. Darkfield technology lets you mouse on anything, yes even glass. I picked one up for ¥6,799 on Amazon. They go for ¥8,000 at Bic Camera.

Here’s a screenshot showing the configurability this thing is capable of.